K.KRAY is Solo Artist, focused on a variety of genres but is mainly starting to focus on a more Mainstream/Top charts pop and downbeat, relaxed style. Other genres include R&B / Soul / Southern Rock. Originally from France, Gary, aka G.R.A.Y, started as a DJ, present an impressive catalog of residency , as well as performing in some of the best recommended night clubs over Europe such as “The VIP Room (St Tropez, France), where most of famous people or artists/actors hang around during Summer, where he had so much fun bring his early stuff to their ears. He also performed over Spain. ​ Stepping away from CDJs, focusing on bringing his new form of music over to the free world as an artist this time, by building his domestic fan base under the name of “K.KRAY “.

He has many different musical influences which includes the likes of The Weeknd / Drake / Michael Jackson / Justice that has brought his personality out as an artist, to where he sees his creativeness reflected today. EP - Magnificent is the reflective transition from the Night World to the Free World.

His second single "The First Story" Out on September 2018 brings illusion of a reborn free factor hidden inside the melody. 

On October 2018, he released his single "Feel It Harder" out of nowhere, marking the new era implanted on his music. Finally mind kind can finally feel the evolution of the artist emerging from the electronic music to the pop era. It delivers a perfect cross genre, proving it's originality with others artist.

On November 2018, his third single "Live for What" saw the light.

On October 20th 2020, "Tapexx1" EP will be released... 

After a long time awaited, many things have changed in his life....

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